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Applications of trigonometry in real life

The use of trigonometry dates back to around 4000 BC. According to historical data, the use of trigonometry began in Babylon and Egypt, because large calculations were required to perform its constructions. There are many different types of trigonometry in our daily lives. One of the most obvious examples of this is in mathematics, because it intervenes in all its fields. Its other outstanding applications are shown in navigation, geography, medical, art, astronomy, astronautics, architecture and in all fields of engineering. For example, the use of trigonometry in architecture to create a house or a building must follow certain parameters. Any angle of all walls and columns should be measured to prevent any deformation that could cause the building to collapse over time. Another example is the use of trigonometry in astronomy, which is used to calculate the distance between the planet Earth and the sun, the moon, the radius of the earth, and the distance between the planets. Consequently, the use of the basic rules of mathematics and trigonometry is enormous. Not only is trigonometry used in everyday life but it also helps people solve problems.

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