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At what age are people ready for marriage?

In this essay, I want to talk about the best age for marriage. In my opinion, the best for marriage is 26 years old, also I have some reasons for this claim. For example, At this age, couples got sensible and they won’t decide on their emotions in addition, people at this age, they have known various friends and they can decide very well for their couple.

Firstly, people at the age of 26 got sensible because they achieved a fabulous experience and that helps them to decide very well and in addition, people at this age made their life and they know what type of couple is good for their life and they are ready for marriage.

Secondly, people at the age of 26 had various relationships with different people and that caused to know what types of girl is good for them and it will help them to choose their partner and they don’t decide based on their emotions.

In conclusion, 26 is the best age for marriage because at this age people got sensible and they had various relationships and all these reasons make marriage more successful at this age.

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