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Canadian History


Canada doesn’t have a long history, but the history of Canada is a rich history. In the past, most of the population of Canada were Irish people. the Irish population of Canada began with settlers who came early years of the 1800s. These people were a farmer and most were Protestant in religion. They followed a pattern, called chain migration, it was familiar to many people in a new land. For most of Irish Canadians, daily life was centered on their families, farms, neighbors, and churches, the land was more obtained than Irland. Families were large, many children, but opposed nowadays it was helpful for parents. Children helped her parents for looking after the gardens and did chores every day. Also, Canada has a musical history and many famous singers such as Justin Bieber, who is the most important singers. Michael Danna is popular and this person won Oscar and Golden Globe for Life of Pi score. Angela Hewitt who is a famous woman pianist. In the past piano began to going to be popular for people and a with growing the population more Canadians wanted pianos in their homes. The industry employed 5000 people and produced tens of thousands of instruments each year during the next quarter-century. During WWI, Canadian women rolled up their sleeves and worked in the factories. The oldest orchestra in Canada formed in Quebec in 1942 which its name is Orchestre Symphonique. One of Montreal's most iconic artists, Charlebois had an enormous influence on a generation of young Quebecers, this is the first example of psychedelic rock in Quebec.

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