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career goals

I have several career goals that I would like to achieve in my future. These career goals are: web designer, accountant, or business professional. that choose one specific career goal, I must make a logical and informed decision because it will make my future. In this essay I will.

One of my career goals is to become a web designer. It has a great label market in Toronto, Canada. also, for web design, we have to be updated about news and new codes. Besides that, web design is individual work and all things are based on your skills, so web design can be a very good work for me in the future.

Another career goal is business For business, we must be updated about news the same Web design. moreover, the business has a good earning, but it needs a high investment that most people can not afford it.

Accounting is my other career goal . for accounting, we have to calculate companies’ accounts. Furthermore, make a mistake in accounting can create a disaster, so we have to be careful in this work. However, it is a hard job this work has an ordinary salary.

In conclusion, I chose web design as my career because it has a high salary besides a great job and I want to be a skilled web designer in the future, but I prescribe to everybody that considers their situation while choosing their career because people’s situations are the difference.

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