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Dare Eshgh

I want to introduce somewhere south of Iran that could be Part of paradise. This natural place located in Chaharmahal va bakhtiyari(name of the city) on the Khuzestan road near Venjegan(name of the village). I am so interested in it and I am going to make you interested too.

Dare Eshgh located somewhere cool that many villagers are living around it. It is so interesting because of multi attraction, you can find any activity you are looking for such as fishing, climbing, swimming, and many other activities that I have not tried there. The river located in front of the plain, actually between rock and plain that disappeared by valley. Other side of river top of the rock is a convert waterfall which is climbing down to the river. Mountains and the large rock make a wise shadow on the plain so sunlight does not bother tourists who are camping. Actually this place is untouched I mean there is no human made, so there is no washroom and many things that a tourist needs.

If anyone is looking for a completely natural attraction I suggest this place.

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