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Different Citizens

There are two side of a coin. Consequently, there is always more than one side for a situation.Undeniably, society is similar to a coin as there are good citizens and bad citizens in it. "Who is a good citizens and who is considered as a bad citizen?" In this article, this question is answered properly.

Good citizens are often described as people who have a positive impact on their country. First, they obey the rules and respect others. Second, as a part of the society, they try to be understanding and helpful and they wish goods for themselves and others. Finally, they find themselves as equal to others, not considering their race, and they behave as if others are their brothers and sisters. In brief, good citizens are helpful and understanding and they believe in equality.

There is a vast verity of bad citizen which I devide into three groups. First group consists of people who drive badly, do not control their consumption, etc. The second is made of arrogant people who think they are better or cooler than others due to their bad behaviors, money, race,etc. Third group is made from criminals and murderers who you won't see very often because they are prisoned. In brief, a bad citizen is someone whose actions hurt others, but this doesn't last for too long because they will take the consequences of their crimes when authorities are infomed about their actions. In conclusion, when you make up for somebody's problems or when you make someone feel happier or better, you are a good citizen. Otherwise, you should change your behavior.

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