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Do People Complain too Much?

Do people complain too much is a common questions for psychologist because there are too many people in the world who complain a lot and go to psychologist for that issue. Furthermore people’s whom complain too much can’t live the beauties of the moment so they missed the beauties of life. Dwelling one some thoughts in their head’s makes them complain too much about life. Sadly the number of people who complain are increasing day by day. According to the Turkish psychologist ministry, people who go psychologist increase %330 in 2020.

Instead of getting grateful of their life’s they start to complain about their works, schools, jobs, love life, friendships, family… This complaint effect their personal life too like who wants to hang out with a person who complain a lot?

For psychologist problem of complaining start from childhood and increase with family upbringing and inside of the complainant lives jealousy. If you teach your child how bad jealously affect you and consequence some different bad personality’s, they become more mature. An example from daily life, children’s wants to buy new toys and if you buy whatever they want they become spoiled and start to complain about everything in their future life.

Nevertheless there are still some people who enjoy the life and live the moment without thinking about future or past and don’t complain. Despite the number of people who complain, you shouldn’t give up from life. Every descent has an ascent. Accept the life fate and live happily.

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