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Do People Complain Too Much?

Do People Complain Too Much?

Complaining is a way to relieve stress, but do people complain too much? Well, it would depend on the situation. Assume that someone is experiencing a difficult position. If that person is in that position due to misfortune, then complaining about it a little bit can not be counted as too much. But if that person made himself in that situation, then it would be too much if he complained more than once or twice. Another variable is the prosperity level of the person. If a very wealthy person complains about being unable to buy a better private jet than the one he already has, then, no matter how much he complains, it would be too much. But if a family, who lives in difficult conditions, complains about lack of food, it can never be too much. As the last example, people's behavior is a factor too. If you complain about someone, who was rude to you for no reason, you can complain however you want. But if you make someone very angry, then it would be far from logic to say that why did he act like this. And it may mean that you are complaining too much. In short, how to decide that do people are complaining too much or not depends on variables.

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