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Does Society Shape Who We Are?

Sometimes people can no longer explain their thoughts. The reason for this, of course, is because of society. There is a famous saying of John Steinbeck on this subject, "It is not easy to be human, especially if there is no social order in which to live "humanely"!

A person who is completely under the influence of society is deprived of producing ideas. As a result, it has great effects on society. If people do not say their own thoughts and keep up with the thoughts of the society, there will be very few ideas left and the situation will be dragged into chaos as a result of failure. The dictatorship is one of the parts of this situation. The people cannot express their own opinion and have to stick to the opinion of the ruler. Therefore, countries ruled by dictatorship cannot survive for a long time. If we need to talk about this situation in real life, people now think many times while sharing their thoughts on social media because of the influence of society. Because if he shares without thinking, he may be exposed to the “lynching effect” and he will be very upset after this “lynching effect”. After this situation, people can not think clearly and get worse psychologically. Therefore, this situation is very important in terms of human development and human identity.

As a result, the social factor affects almost everyone's life and plays a big role in who we are. People should be able to speak their minds without fear and not be swayed by the influence of society. As Channing said, "The great hope of society rests on the individual."


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