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Does Society Shape Who We Are?

“The power of social media is it forces necessary change”. all starting beginning we are born we start everything social media say why?

My opinion is just because it is different from how society presents us. It all starts before we are even born. When you're a parent is so exciting to have news of what gender we are they buy paper for the room if you are a girl you're room is pink or if you are a boy you get a blow. That all concerned as a rule of Society.

Before we are born society and media has a plan for us already shaping our future. When we are children or most girls should learn how to cook and most boys play soccer. All of them back to you're social and social media, movies and advertisements, we all accept society's plans but we have to not affect the media. In this society, we live is so important if you do not use social media every one thinks you have a problem. Here is important to know media they Changing us but why do we want to change because social media is not a good reason if we can say no media is can help you or you want to change is good to change but change in go way because some time or most of the time social media or movie you watch have so many bad information if you have strong Mentality you are not affected by social and have good

As a result, Remember that we are born with the right to have our own opinions and if you let society change that for you, you are not yourself anymore. So my goal in my life is to be confident in who I am and not let what society thinks to affect my self-esteem. My answer to "does society shape who we are" is therefore yes.

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