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Electrostatic Force Between Two Objects

After years trying, Frenchman Charles Coulomb finally introduced the equation which showed the electrostatic force between two objects. There are two types of charges in the world; positive (protons) and negative (electrons). These two charges can apply a certain force on each other when they're placed at a certain distance from each other. This force is somehow like the gravitational force that all the objects apply to one another, only with one difference. The gravitational force is only attractive while the electrostatic force can be attractive or repulsive. The equation for the force that point charges act on each other is shown below:

F= K |Q1Q2| / r^2

Every charge produces an electrostatic field around itself with which it can affect other charges in the field. The equation for the magnitude of the electrostatic field is:

E= K|Q|/ r^2

It can also be determined with:

E= F/Q

Every electric field has electric field lines which have certain properties.

- Field lines never intersect each other.

- They are perpendicular to the surface charge.

- The field is strong when the lines are close together, and it is weak when the field lines move apart from each other.

- The number of field lines is directly proportional to the magnitude of the charge.

This videos will help to understand the concept of the Electric forces and fields better. Watch them before you leave!

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