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Energy Conversion

Energy is the ability to do work. Energy and its transformations are literally everywhere around us and even within us. In fact, we can say that our whole world is made of energy. There are many different types of energy, from light and heat energy to gravity, chemical energy and electrical energy, we all use a combination of different types of energy every day. Energy can be converted from one form to another, which is called energy conversion.

For example, you see cars moving on the street during the day. In fact, To move a car, gasoline must be burned, inside the car engine, the chemical energy of gasoline is converted into heat energy, and the heat energy inside the engine is converted into kinetic energy and transferred to the wheels.

But with the advancement of science in today's world, humans have been able to use alternative systems in vehicles to store fossil fuels. In this case, instead of using fossil fuels to move vehicles, they use electrical energy to kinetic energy.

It can be said that energy conversion still occurs in this case, which is used for vehicles by giving electrical energy and storing it in the battery to kinetic energy.

One of the most famous vehicles in the world today is Tesla, which deals with exactly how to convert energy and fuel efficiency in its products. In all fields of electrical engineering, power conversion is the process of converting electric energy from one form to another. Physicists have made a significant contribution to the development of energy conversion technology to date.

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