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Energy in Sport

Conservation of energy

In a closed system, energy cannot be gained or lost. In most sporting situations, although it will seem like energy is lost or gained, what you will find is that the energy changes from one type to another. ,

If you watch Liverpool play in the English Premier League, you may have noticed this year that the team has slowed down some. Not that its players are out of fitness. Rather, they are more composed. It’s intentional, done to conserve energy and embrace efficiency of movement. As of early March, Liverpool had 37 “slow” attacks and 35 “fast” attacks this season, according to Understat. As Liverpool’s site puts it, “that all-out, all-the-time style has gone.” Jürgen Klopp “has started to adopt the strategy of resting within games. ”The tactic is not a new one. Boxers and swimmers are also trained to look for moments within their bouts or races when they can preserve energy. Now, they not doing this to be lazy. Rather, they’re conserving energy to be able to really pour it on when they need it most. Basketball’s LeBron James is renowned for having cultivated an ability to rest within a game. He is still playing the same average minutes per perpetual motion NBA game (34 minutes). Yet he is moving smarter. Rather than always running to his next position, he is finding more opportunities to walk.

As a result, energy has an important place in sports and players want to use their energy in the most efficient way. Thank you for reading.

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