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ENG4U(U4) - Is Nora’s decision to leave her husband and children acceptable?

Many things must be taken into account when dealing with this issue. One of the reasons I believe that it was not okay for her to walk away from her marriage was because Nora had already bore 3 kids. “In that moment I realized that for 8 years I had been living here with a complete stranger, and had born him 3 children.” (Ibsen 1122). In my opinion, you should never, ever just walk out on your children. She had no intention of even taking them or seeing them! She says, “I don’t want to see the children. I know they are in better hands than mine.” (1124). The bible says, “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (2 Tim 5:8). The bible clearly states that you should provide for you family. How can she do that if she is gone?

Nora never gave Torvald a chance to prove himself as a husband after she decided things were not working out. To me, that shows complete immaturity. Helmer said, “I have the strength to change.” Nora replies, “Perhaps - if your doll (Nora) is taken from you” (1124). Helmer in desperation begs her, “No, no Nora. I cant conceive of it happening!” (1124). As you can see, Nora decided that leaving Helmer was the best decision without giving him a chance to prove himself. This was the first and only time throughout the play that she confronts him on a problem and once she does, she leaves.

Although Nora is not justified to leave Helmer and the children, one can also understand why she would. Nora says, “You thought it would be fun to be in love with me.” (1120). Nora said this because Helmer wasn’t really in love with her. She was referred to as a doll as you can see above. He was merely going with the flow and seemingly was playing with her whenever he wanted. Dealing with a man that only loves you only sometimes can lead any women insane.

At the end of the story, I believe Nora wasn’t justified to leave the way she did. She left no room for the marriage to find its cure. Even worse, she left her kids to the man that she called a stranger. Although I can feel Nora’s pain because she spent part of her life with a man that didn’t truly love her, I still think her leaving was premature.

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