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ESL D / Review

I have to say i really enjoyed this course and actually it was very challenging for me. From the beginning i tried to spend lot of time for this course and as best i could, i tried my best. I want to say that i like this course, every part of it but for me, the third unit was more interesting than anything else because it was about a entertaining book. I really enjoyed all the moments of this unit and i have to say that it was easier than other units because all you need to was to read the book and it was very interesting. If i have to choose a unit that i do not like, i might choose the first unit because it was more about music and geography and some videos that i personally do not like them. I would recommend this course for anybody who is interested to learn more stuff than what he/she learn in high-school. Honestly i can’t say any suggestion for this course because i couldn’t find any problem. All the lessons were complete and in general, as i said there was no problem at all. It is very difficult to suggest an improvement because in my opinion this course was perfect and i have to say that there was also great support in this course. Ms.Ana was my teacher during this course and she did her best. Every time i had a question or a problem she always had the best respond for me. I learned a lot of this course and it helped me to improve my English skills. Every single moment in this course was amazing and i had a good experience. This course had a lot of writing parts that were both attractive and not but i liked it and it improved my writing skill. If i’m going to talk about tests and assignments in each unit i have to say that the tests had a very high quality and they were very challenging for me. Another interesting point in this course is that you never feel tired and you enjoy every moment of it. If i want to talk about details, i like to say that the slides in each lesson were complete and had good explanation and example and actually i like the way that it focused. whomever want to learn English in more easy and better way should take this course. Another point of this course is the students have lot of time to finish their assignment and i think that will make students to get higher mark. In conclusion, learning this course `helped me to increase my english skills and many other things like knowing about Canada geography and information about canada’s culture, music and art and be sure that this course is worth all the time you spend on it.

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