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Harm of television

Television has emerged as one of the most harmful issue in this century. It has very effective harm. For example, It effect on your eyes, it makes you to stay at home and avoid to go out to buy newspaper, and it attract kids to watch it all the time instead of go out and communicate others. That we will express each of them in the following essay.

Firstly, television has very bad effects on people’s eyes because when you look at this blue screen for hours it effects on your brain and it reflect to your eyes and make your eyes weaker after a while beside’s it television causes sleepless nights and sleepless can effects on your eyes gradually.

Secondly, television keep you at home and it doesn’t let’s you to communicate with people because when you at the home you prefer to stay at home instead of waist energy to go out and this has a bad effects on you in the long time. For example, it effects on your physical situation because of less activity and it impulse on your communication with others.

Lastly, television attract people to stay at home to watch a cartoon or any kid’s programs instead of going outside and play with others and this causes they can’t communicate with environment very well and in the long time also as I said in first paragraph television effects on kids’ brain and eyes more than other people.

In conclusion, television has distinguishing effects on the community and it brings some problems for society and I advise to people to use less from television instead of that I suggest them to communicate with other people.

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