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How does the circular motion of satellites work?

I had never thought of satellite circular motion until this unit. Satellites were invented in 1957 by the Soviet Union. He used physic science for inventing. Nowadays, There are some companies that launch satellites such as NASA, SpaceX… If you want to work in those companies you can educate yourself in aerospace engineering in university. The basic idea about balancing the satellites in space is a simple math problem. Our world’s gravitational force should equal our satellites centripetal force. What happens if the gravitational force on a satellite is greater than the centripetal force needed to keep it in circular motion? The centripetal force required to keep something moving in a circle depends on two things: the radius of the circle and the speed of the moving object. The bigger the radius, the less force is needed; likewise, for faster speeds, more force is needed.If the gravitational force is greater than the required centripetal force, then the satellite will begin to be pulled inward; if, on the other hand, the gravitational force is less than the centripetal force, then the satellite will begin to fly outward. The reason why we see that the satellite does not move when we look at the satellites from the earth is that the angular velocity of the earth and the satellite is the same.

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