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How is new media impacting the way we perceive other cultures?

It is undeniable that nowadays social media plays a significant role in everyone’s daily life. This has obviously had a huge impact on the way we perceive and interpret cultures other than ours. Through this new media, people are able to communicate with individuals all around the globe from different countries. This has directly affected globalization and has made people from various cultures act and behave in similar ways, but it is important to notice that it has also increased people’s true knowledge about other cultures. More specifically, through this form of media people are witnessing the daily lives of actual individuals from another culture, instead of reading about a fictional character from there. Therefore, their interpretations can be more complete and accurate. Although one must try to reinforce their ability to tell false information from reality because the truth is, not everything on the new media is real and true. We also should not let ourselves make assumptions about a society by learning about one individual’s lifestyle from that culture. In my opinion, social media has brought people closer and has given them the opportunity to search for the truth about some societies that sometimes are being depicted in a wrong way in other forms of media like the news (on TV or on paper). How one perceives other cultures on new media is through the people of that particular culture. One can observe their ceremonies, their interests, their music, their special forms of art, and so many other aspects of their society. Thus overall, I believe the impact of media has been positive and helpful in the ways in which we learn about cultures around the world.

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