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How is new media impacting the way we perceive other cultures?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Nowadays, the media has a great influence on people’s lives and it has played a huge role in our society. I totally agree that the media is a great way to perceive other cultures. It teaches you everything you need to learn.

For a long time media was one of the methods of controlling people. In the past, was no newspaper or television, people used literature as a source of information. The average person is spending five hours a day watching television and reading newspapers on various platforms. Although social media is very useful in each person’s life right now. Also, it supports the people across the world in communicating, meeting new people, sharing knowledge, making socialization, learning different experiences and interacting with each other instead of distance and separation between people.

opportunistically, some governments have been using media in some ways that could benefit their own countries. For instance, if a country wants to illustrate the beauty of its nature then media is the best way of doing the show-off and sometimes it is the best way to destroy others culture.

However, big sources are able to demonstrate whatever they want and it is a huge problem because sometimes content is not true and it makes people believe what they see.

Moreover, many people all around the world are trying to illustrate their culture throughout the media. In the movies, advertisements, documentaries, and news channels. Most of them are mostly comprehensible for whoever is watching at any age. Furthermore, the study shows that people use social media to become more adaptable to the new cultures of the host countries and to preserve their connections with home countries.

In conclusion, social media has impacted our society in many ways and people make assumptions about society by getting information from individuals' lifestyles throughout this new media. Social media has made everyone’s life easier and it makes communication comfortable. Although it has increased people’s knowledge. Therefore, people’s interpretations of other cultures could be more realistic and accurate.

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