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Immigration In Canada.

Canada is a big country and it is improving day by day and improving needs some materials and more humans. As Canada doesn't have too many populations and the local populations are not enough, this country needs more people and the best way is attracting immigrants, but how many? Day by day many immigrants are coming and you can many people that are coming. In my opinion, the way the government is using to increase the population is the best way because of the increasing population by local people takes time and this way decreases the speed of improvement. By decreasing population the government plans for them, this plhan might be about how to produce more stuff and more supplies for them and also they need more places for living. As I heard from people who have lived here since many years ago, they said many years ago in Toronto Newmarket and Aurora were just something like small towns but know they become so larger and they are going to be larger, also they said many years ago in Toronto weren't too many businesses like now. Increasing population is making some problems although it's helpful, the increasing population made cities more crowded and so busy and it made local people a little bit nervous also it increased crime as we read some news about this. Hopefully, the government is treating more carefully with immigration and it is going to more helpful for country and local people.

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