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Immigration to Canada

In my opinion immigration to Canada is very great things for the people from poor countries and immigration from these countries are all because of pull factor that means people come to Canada to have better job opportunities, better politics, and better social life that each of these points are very important problem for the people and we will express each of these important points in the following essay.

Firstly, in Canada exists good job opportunities because when people graduate from university or college they know with good skills can enter a great job but in the poor countries people can’t enter a good job with a high salary however, they were skilled also in Canada exists a lots of legal job for the worker with normal salary but in the poor countries worker can’t live with their salary very well, so Canada has good job opportunities.

Secondly, Canada has a better politic and their politics are based on democracy that means people decides for their country’s future but in the lag country people can’t vote for their country and they do not have a election power and this is very important for the people of the society and people don’t like dictatorship system, so people come to Canada for it’s democracy. 

Lastly, people have better social life because rules in Canada persuade people to behave others respectfully but in the lag country people don’t pay attention to this problem. They don’t use these roles however they have theses roles all in all life in Canada has a better quality than poor country.

In conclusion, Canada is great country to live because of better job opportunities, better politics, and better social life and I personally recommend this immigration to Iranian citizens.

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