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Importance of electricity in human life

Electricity is the energy we use to generate heat, light and power for daily life. Electricity comes from methods such as solar energy, power plants, natural energy and wind energy. Electricity is a key component of modern technology, and without it, most of the things we use every day would not work. Imagine the moment you are reading this text, it is electricity that allows you to read this text so easily. We have become so accustomed to

the luxury, convenience and comforts of electricity, we do not pay much attention to the importance of its production and consumption. Until 1600 AD, electricity was one of the things that occupied the human mind. William Gilbert was able to do important research on electricity and magnetism. As a result, people like Stephen Gray and Robert Boyle followed in his footsteps. Perhaps the most important invention in connection with electricity are light bulbs. An invention that has affected our lives to this day. Although we all know and consider the inventor of electricity to be Edison, many scientists have spent their time inventing electricity. Electricity is now a part of our daily lives and we can not think of a world without it. It could be said that in today's world, human life will end without electricity. Consequently, there are various branches in the electricity industry, each of which requires a university degree. Those who are interested in this field can study in different branches of this field. What is Electricity? (n.d.).

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