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importance of energy in sports

Energy is one of the most important things in sports. Every single person who is more into sports and even doing some exercises daily can clearly understand that it is really important to have energy for doing sports. While doing sports, we need to have a lot of energy in our body to be able to do exercises. To be more specific, the energy we have must be transferred into a more useful energy. Firstly, the energies we need are received from the foods that we eat. So the food we eat, with some scientific and biological reaction, turns into chemical energy and we use the energy that is saved in our muscles for moving and doing sports. So when we are hitting a ball we transfer our muscles energy into kinetic energy and we try to put as much energy as we can into it.

To make it more clear, we can analyze it in sports like skateboarding as well. In skateboarding, riders' energy mostly transfers from potential energy and kinetic energy as they go back and force in ramps. When the rider is at the top of the ramp waiting for starting his motion, they have potential energy, which is the stored energy of position. Then when they are riding down the ramp the potential energy transfers into kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion.

So as we can see energies and their transformation is much more then we may actually thought they would be. And we can say that energies are somehow one of the most important parts of our daily life.

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