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Importance of Functions in Our Lives

Functions have a significant place in our lives especially for engineers and scientists. In this unit I learned so many properties of different types of functions. Each type of function is different and has been used in various fields. For example, polynomials (algebraic expressions that consist of variables and coefficients) may be used even in economics. Some economists work with polynomials for making cost analysis. Another example may be trigonometric functions. They involve calculation with triangles, that’s why they are my favorite type of functions. Even though we don’t realize their effects, trigonometric functions are used in many phases of our lives such as in architecture, video games, marine biology, flight engineering, construction, and even in criminology. A specific example for the usage of trigonometric functions is measuring fields, lots and areas as well as roof inclination for the building industry. Another type of function is logarithmic functions. Basically, logarithmic functions are the inverse functions of exponential functions. Logarithms simplify insights involving large figures, such as the number of visits per day on Google’s search home page, earthquake intensity readings, or sound intensity readings of a commercial airplane during take off. There are numerous applications of logarithms due to their ability to “scale down” large numbers in a human-friendly manner. Therefore, logarithms have various benefits in many fields. To conclude, we are surrounded by functions and they help us to improve our lives every day. They are used in various industries and fields of sciences which are effective and practical for many people.


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