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Industry of hair styling

Current changes in the beauty business reflect the larger economy: growth at the upper and lower ends, resulting in a shrinking middle ground; stagnant wages; conditions perceived as favoring independent contractors over employees and less disposable income to go around. In order to succeed, salon owners and beauty professionals have to bring all their creativity to bear to evolve in ways that answer these needs. The good news: This business is made up of very creative people. Being a hairdresser provides a genuine opportunity to touch the lives of people in more ways than one. As a hairdresser, you influence your client’s social life and shape part of their personality. A good look and a new feel could motivate them to look forward to their professional and social lives. Many other professions may be financially rewarding. But may not provide the opportunity to make people happy. For the hairdresser who is involved in their work and committed to their cause, this is an opportunity to draw emotional satisfaction from your job like none other. With the ability to touch and change lives at an intimate level, to influence client motivations and to deliver services that are valued by customers, hairdressing is an immensely satisfying and emotionally rewarding profession.

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