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Is complaining good or bad?

If there is one thing that people have in common, it is complaining. Not everyone complains about every detail in their lives, but some people do. In some situations a complaint could have a positive effect and in other situations it might have negative impact.

Some complaints could make a good change. It is fine to complain from time to time about something that is not good or right or fair. Once in a while, a process can be improved if there is a complaint about the current process. However, extensive complaining is unhealthy because with any complaint comes anger and negative feeling. Constantly complaining can make people nervous. When they become nervous, it is hard to stay around them. Despite the fact that it is not always possible, people should surround themselves with positive feelings. Instead of complaining about everything that people don’t like, it is better to have a positive view and try to be happy with what you have. People should find things to be thankful for, such as their health and their families, etc. In the end, there is a Chinese proverb saying “don't curse the darkness-light a candle”.

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