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Karma In Physics?

Today, we are going to talk about Newton's laws of motion. Newton's laws are very important because they tie into almost everything we see in everyday life. These laws tell us exactly how things move or sit still, like why you don't float out of bed or fall through the floor of your house, etc. Let's see what these laws are:

Newton's First Law of Motion: An object at rest or uniform motion will continue to be at rest or uniform motion until and unless a net external force acts on it.

Real life examples: You will remain in your chair until you lift yourself out of it, or until someone picks you up, or until you fall off a stool because of gravity.

Newton's Second Law of Motion: Unbalanced forces cause objects to accelerate with an acceleration that is directly proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to the mass.

Real life examples: If you use the same force to push a truck and push a car, the car will have more acceleration than the truck, because the car has less mass.

It is easier to push an empty shopping cart than a full one, because the full shopping cart has more mass than the empty one.

F = ma

Newton's Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (What Karma says!)

Real life examples: When you slap someone your hand feel pain as well as the check of the victim. The pain in check due to action and in palm due to reaction force.

When someone fire gun the reaction force push the gun backward.


The law of Karma is the great law of "cause and effect", of "action and reaction", which controls the destiny of all living entities This great law functions on the principle, that any action performed produces an equal and opposite reaction, which directly influences our very existence. Sounds familiar?

In conclusion, we can see that every small example and problem in real life has a logical reason and Newton's laws have answered so many of them. It is important to know Newton's laws because they are the answer to a lot of problems in real life and we can see examples of them everywhere.

Here there is a video which can help you understand the Newton's laws better:

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