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Literary criticism

In this unit, we learned how to analyze literary novels and political texts and articles from a literary point of view. We can say that every human, such as an individual, needs to read a book or article to improve his or her general knowledge and awareness. It is crucial that we have and develop the appropriate skills in order to observe and analyse different texts and media. Literary criticism has different branches. Each branch of literary criticism, such as cultural, has specific formulas that help you better understand the texts written by the author. It goes without saying that literary criticism depends on the subject written by the author, and you must acquire the skill to use the suitable format of literary criticism for the text. Reading and writing, researching and analyzing literary criticism has helped me have a better understanding of novels and literary articles, as well as to be able to personally judge literary texts in terms of literary criticism. Being proficient in literary criticism also helps you to see if the texts written by the author are in line with your beliefs and opinions.

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Nice job Farhan.

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