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love at first sight

love is a feeling that everyone will experience it but in different ages and situation. Maybe for some people love begins from a childhood friend, meanwhile for other one hate turns to a precious love. but love at first sight? a lot of people believe in love at first sight, is that really the true feeling of love that they experience at that first sight? in my opinion, love is something that forms over time. from my perspective, most of these first sight love is a simple crush but because of the lack of experience and emotional changes in young ages this misunderstood appears that he/she falls in love with the person. on the other hand after this first sight, the person may think of that meet over and over again and he/she begins to imagine different situations and events with that person and this causes a strong attraction to the person beloved which in this time the person starts to love the person that she/he created herself/himself. therefore she/he is not loving the real person but they fall in love with an imaginary person in their mind. how ever a true love can be started with a crush but it with forms after some meetings and exchange of emotions.

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