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The brave girl from Pakistan. a strong girl who wanted to prove the female’s power, encourage them to go to school and be inspiring for them. her name is Malala.

Malala is a teenager who studies in England, that is interesting to know why she is studying in England. In Pakistan, people believe that women must stay at home and take care of children, feed them, wash the dishes and cook food. It is not the end, they can not go to school, study new lessons and raise their sound. Malala did not have this idea and she wanted to break this idea and make new imagination of her people’s mind. Her head had been shouted by the Taliban(a terrorist group) but she did not die, she actually went to coma. When she woke up, she was in England. After treatment period she became popular gradually and she met some important people and some celebrities, so that was a right time to get her sound around the world. She can not come back to her country because a danger(Taliban) threats her. She wrote a book to get her voice around the world better. This book was written based on females freedom.

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