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Meaning of Success

Success as a term, to me, is compromised of three factors, inner success, relationship success, and academic success. These three terms would determine, my future, happiness, and inner peace. First off, assignment marks, quiz marks, and examination scores are what I consider to be academic success. This is what I would most likely think when the word “success” is uttered. I feel that academic success is what gives a lot of people the motivation to continue to be successful because of gratification from others, and actually the second point ties into this. The second factor which I consider to be a form of success would be relationship success. To define this, I could use parents as an example; if you have a parent or parents in your life who are close to you and give you emotional support, you’re more likely to be happy, and that’s why I consider this type of success essential to one’s life. Now, the third type of success that I find important has links to both academic success and relationship success, but it also does differ from them as it is the kind of thing that you won’t exactly get from “outside”. An example of this could be an event with someone that might be important to you in a way, and if it is sorrowful, traumatic, or even embarrassing, and you can’t let go of the person who did this sorrowful, traumatic, or even embarrassing thing to you, then you cannot find inner peace, which in turn won’t let you be successful in this (inner peace) regard. However you achieve to acquire inner success within yourself, is something only you can do, kind of like academic success and relationship success. In conclusion, success may be obtained from the outside as in academic success and relationship success, but it may also come from inside of you, your inner success.

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