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Meeting of Octavius and Antony in Philippi

Octavius and Antony enter the battlefield at Philippi with their armies. A messenger arrives to report that the enemy is ready for battle. Octavius is surprised to see that Brutus and Cassius' army has come to meet them, especially since Antony thought the enemy would stay put. Antony thinks the enemy is fronting. Even though Brutus and Cassius want to appear courageous and brave, seems like Antony can see right through that.

. Antony who is the more experienced soldier tells Octavius to attack from the left. Octavius refuses and replies that he will attack from the right and Antony can come from the left. Antony asks Octavius why he questions his authority, but Octavius stands firm. Octavius asks Antony if their side should attack first and Antony who is now calling Octavius “Caesar” responds that they will wait for the enemy to attack.

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