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More Immigrants, More Evolution

Nowadays immigration is increasing and it is not a hard and impossible thing anymore. People from all over the world are developing to deal with each other better and respect other cultures alongside their own believes. In countries such as Canada which has a lot of space for living and also advancement opportunities, there is a great potential for absorbing immigrants that can be useful for country's improvement. People are different, they think differently and they see things in a vary ways, meanwhile have people in different cultures make that diversity stronger. Therefore it may be hard for people to get used to it, but it also bring more ideas and progress along. People can learn from each other, and with combining the good thing in every cultures make an ideal country. On the other hand immigration can bring a huge capital for country and people who need fund for their ideas and their job and also it is a good chance for people who want to invest as well. All in all in my opinion immigration can be good and useful for a country's development and also it can bring a lot of good opportunity for people who deserve it. However it must be planned and thoughtful.

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