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My English Course 2

Ms.Ana was my teacher during this course. She explained things clearly and resolved many questions for me. She always gave me good feedback which helped me improve my writing, listening and grammar. She always checked my work carefully and responded to my emails even on the weekends. She was also more than just a teacher to me and I could always feel a friendly atmosphere. For example, in one of the writings, I wrote about one of my sad memories and she told me if I need to talk about it or if I need help.

I think that the tutorials were good, the slides were complete and they had good explanations and examples. I don't think I can suggest anything new, I like the way that it is focused. However, there can be improvements in the variety of examples and in the suffix or prefix charts. Clearly, I would recommend the course to anybody who is interested to learn more than what they teach in the school. I think anybody who finished this course will recommend it to the next person without a doubt. In conclusion, the course seemed very good and it was a great experience but I wasn't expecting this amount of information in one course. I can totally say that the course was certainly a big success and I can see the improvements in my English.

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