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My feeling about coming to Canada, for the first time.

Canada is a good country for all the people around the world who are trying to make life better for themselves and their family. For example, here in Canada people respect each others cultures and nobody is racist. It is also not important where you are from, consequently you are free and you can build your life and improve your position. In addition, here in Canada you can see people speaking in their own language and also they can speak English at the same time, however some of them have a little bit of accent when they are speaking in English. This shows me that Canadian are very kind, although not all of them are the same, and they are trying to build their country. As a result, I’m happy that I choose to came to Canada between many other countries, also Canada is not that cold. I’m enjoying my new home and I will try to make it a better place for everyone. I wish that someday all of the people around the world learn how to respect each other and how to behave with other people, then all of the world will be beautiful like here.

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