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My Idea About ESL D.

In this course, I have learned many things about Canada’s history, actually, I did not like this part of the course because these things will be forgotten and nobody will ask me about the history of Canada especially about singers and musical history. I liked Grammar part especially H worlds because these grammars improved my English skills a lot. I think the most important part of the first unit is Biography part because I think it is so important for the future. The second unit taught me how to write better and it improved my writing skills. Rights and freedoms are really important because those are the best reason for immigrating to this country. Immigration part is important too because most of the population of this country are from other countries and it is and the second reason for being important is relating the economy to immigrants, who are helping the economy to be a stronger, and stronger economy attract more immigrants, that's why the government wants to make the economy stronger and this lesson taught me how economy of Canada works and how much it is important. I liked Democracy lesson because it is anyone’s right to choose his or her president and vote for that, I think it was important because if people have democracy and the right to prove their ideas, the government will be more comfortable, with democracy people assist with the government and make the country stronger than before, actually it helps the economy. Surely these subjects are related to each other and it is good for anyone to know these. About the book, I can say it is perfect because it valued our life in this world and showed us how could be everything bad without love, and many other feelings. This book showed me how to be thankful for this world which I am living in.

I liked this story because it showed me that we have many things that we have not imagined about them, things about feelings and love. The community which Jonas was living in missed many things in the real world, such as war, love, basic feelings, Jonas could not bear war but he liked love, he enjoyed the snow and sled.

Actually, we are experiencing many things in this world which we pass every day, all of us don’t like snow and cold weather in winter but for someone who came from that community, the cold weather and snow become so exciting because it is his/her first experiment of snow and cold weather.

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