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Every leader is different from each other. They have their own personal traits, but there are some traits that are generally seen in every leader. The most common traits are conflict resolution, effective communication, long-term thinking, emotional intelligence, extraversion and motivation. However, the most important trait for me is conflict resolution because being a leader means to lead people, and there may be a conflict any time. A good leader must have the ability to conflict resolution for the benefit of everyone.

Also a good leader should have a proper attitude. Attitude means the expression of our thoughts, opinions, beliefs and our feelings about aıur surroundings. First of all, a leader’s attitude must be positive. Leaders affect and influence people around them. That’s why having a positive attitude matters for them. I also think that a good leader in today’s world should be open minded. Because we are in a technology era. Everything changes so fastly. Keeping up with the innovations and showing that to their teammates is very important for the ideal leaders of today’s world.

I think my leader should lead a formal group. To be honest, I would prefer informal groups but when I thought about it, I realized that in informal groups there may be confusion, chaos and unfair distribution of work according to my experiences. Those reasons make the work slow and not as good as it should be. Also I don’t like working with electronic devices even though I know that we live in a technological era. I also dislike the hierarchy among people as it is in departments. To be honest I don’t know why I don’t like committees. They seem too formal and I feel like no one can make mistakes there which gives me fear and a sense of unsecureness. That’s why I prefer formal types of groups. In this type of group the work finishes early. Everyone knows what to do and the leader can control or help the teammates. Also there is cooperation in this type of group which is the most important thing in a group for me.

I think democratic leadership is the best for me. It allows everyone to state their opinion. In today’s world, we see that even young people have great ideas. This style of leadership allows leaders to evaluate all types of opinions for so many types of people from different gender, age, ethnics and experiences. I believe this leadership style will help leaders to be more open minded and open to innovation and allow them to give better decisions. There are examples that achieved very good things from this style of Leadership in real life such as Google, Genentech and Mayo Clinic.

I believe that the most important characteristics of leaders in today’s world are inspiring others, good communication and vision and purpose. Inspiring others is essential for any leader. If that characteristic is not sufficient, it must be developed. Inspiration is very important nowadays because everyone knows how to finish their work or what to do in their workplace, but most of the people do not have any inspiration. Inspiration from a leader motivates the team. Leader’s communication with his/her team is as important as inspiring others. Because as human beings we must communicate in order to cooperate and solve problems. If a leader is a good communicator, the efficiency and the productivity of the team will increase. Vision and purpose is necessary for a team. “No wind serves him who addresses his voyage to no certain port” is a motto that is used a lot in Turkey. Without a purpose or aim or vision, a team can not achieve success. People and teams need a purpose they will follow. The duty of the leader is to have vision and purpose and give them to his/her team. I explained my own thoughts about an ideal leader in today’s world from my perspective. I hope I can give new ideas or inspire others through this post.

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