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Newton's Law of Motions and how it affects the daily life

In this unit we studied Newton’s Law of Motions. To be honest I knew the equations before we started the unit. I learned them in my school in Turkey. However, I wasn’t aware that we use them in real life so much. Because in my home school I was just taught to solve multiple question problems, not to think about them and how I can use them in my daily life. Now, I realize that Newton’s laws are used a lot, especially in trafic. For example I started to use the law of inertia when I travel by bus. I noticed that when the bus gets faster I move to the back of the bus. Now, I prepare myself and I stand properly before the bus gets faster. I also take driving lessons from my dad and I started to use Newton’s second law of motion in my head when I am in traffic. I have always loved making calculations in my head and before this unit I was just listening to music while I drive. But nowadays I try to calculate the acceleration of the car and how much it increases or decreases by the applied force. This makes my driving lessons even more fun. Moreover, I want to be an engineer and as far as I know this topic will be very essential in my future career. Every engineer must know physics and Newton’s law of motions are very important in physics. That’s why I believe knowing these topics will help me so much in the future and in my career path.

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1 Comment

İlsu ece Karabal
İlsu ece Karabal
Jul 31, 2022

I never got bored while reading your sentences so fluently. The examples you gave also gave me an idea. From now on, I will make calculations in my head during my travels. It makes the journey more fun and educational.

Well written, congratulations.

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