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Polynomials Used in Today's Society

Polynomials are a combination of several terms that can be added, subtracted or multiplied but not divided. They are one of the most basic algebraic operations, and many algebra students may wonder why they need to bother learning about them. While polynomials are in sophisticated applications, they also have many uses in everyday life. People use polynomials in their everyday life. People use polynomials for modeling of various buildings and objects, used in industries, used in construction. They are even used in marketing ,finance, stocks, etc. For example, an engineer designing a roller coaster would use polynomials to model the curves, while a civil engineer would use polynomials to design roads, buildings and other structures. Polynomials also are used in scientific problems, including gravitational acceleration problems. The polynomial equation needs to include the object's initial position, which is its distance from Earth's center, its initial velocity and its acceleration due to gravity, which is a constant figure. The accepted standard acceleration due to gravity is 32.17 feet per second squared. That is a basic formula, and many other aspects such as air resistance or air density are factored in by a scientist seeking a highly specific solution. Chemists use polynomials to determine the composition of certain compounds and molecules, and they are central to statistics. Statistical formulas use polynomials to ascertain future values of animal birth and death rates, monetary flow and population growth. Polynomials can be used to forecast sales trends over time. Polynomials are used in the business world in dozens of situations. They can be used to forecast sales trends, develop profit margins and attract investors. In addition, economists use polynomials to model economic growth patterns, and medical researchers use them to describe the behavior of bacterial colonies.

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