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Smoked beef in Montreal

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Summer 2019, we went to Montreal to find Schwartz. And find it hard to find the parking spot. After finding the parking spot, it was very hard to read the parking sign because it was in French. Afterward, we stayed in line for 45 minutes when they just opened. Then, we had a chance to sit at the back of the restaurant. The first look of the restaurant was not really clean. It was very small, very crowded and noisy. As soon as I took the first bite of sour pickle and smoked beef, I realized six hours of driving and spending time to find a parking spot and then waiting in the line up, was worth it.It had a totally different taste of smoked beef in Toronto and even sour pickles were amazingly delicious. After we came back to Toronto, I introduced Schwartz to a couple of my friends.

Few months later, we went there one more time with one of our family friends. We went to Montreal and came back to Toronto the same day because we went only for The Schwartz. We love it this much. We can say when a business offers a good service, it could keep its customers even from far away.

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