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The Giver Overview

I liked this story because it showed me that we have many things that we have not imagined about them, things about feelings and love. The community which Jonas was living in missed many things in the real world, such as war, love, basic feelings, Jonas could not bear war but he liked love, he enjoyed the snow and sled.

Actually, we are experiencing many things in this world which we pass every day, all of us don’t like snow and cold weather in winter but for someone who came from that community, the cold weather and snow become so exciting because it is his/her first experiment of snow and cold weather. It is true that in winter our daily routine becomes harder to do but it could be enjoyable for someone who is experiencing it for the first time. Just imagine it is always summer, always the warm and sunny sky, I am sure that after a few years it will be boring for anyone who is seeing sunny sky every day. I got many things about this book, I got that love or feeling is very pleasant for anyone, and without these things, we are just humans who are doing daily jobs and do not feel anymore. This book has a special message for us, this book wants to tell us love and many good things come with pain such as war, coldness, and hardness.

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