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The Giver (Review)

In my opinion the story was beautiful and lovely. I could feel the setting and the mood  and the characters, it was like they are alive and I’m there in the community watching them. At first, when I started to read this book I thought it's another boring book with a meaningless story but when I reached to chap11, suddenly the story changed. The Giver wasn't boring anymore, it was really interesting and attractive and I just wanted to know what is going to happen next because there were many unpredictable events in the book. However, there were some parts that I didn't like. For example, I really wanted to see that Jonas and Fiora will get together or perhaps he could write a letter for her or even he could ask Fiora to escape with him. I was really waiting for Jonas to talk to Fiora and tell her what's going on. Although she couldn't understand but Jonas was in love with her. On the other hand, there is Asher. Asher was Jonas’s best friend and Jonas just left him without any goodbye. Something that was really interesting to me about this book was that the book began with questions and finished with even more questions which I really didn't enjoy, but as I said it was interesting. In my opinion, it was better if there was a certain ending. In the end, this book though me a lot of stuff about the world that we are living in. If we pay attention to the world we will see that our world is going towards the sameness. I'm going to be honest, I haven't read many books but the way that I see this book can change lives and if someone asks me a book I will strongly recommend him this novel. In addition, this book can really improve the imagination and it can also teach you how to enjoy simple things and how to understand beauty.

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