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The Harm of Television

Watching television is a big part of our life nowadays, but there are some hidden consequences of watching TV that most people don't know.

One of the biggest harms is the usual position for watching TV. As far as we know, people usually sit for a long period of time while they are watching and there is an absence of muscle movement. As stated by Ph.D. Dunstan, the rate of disease is different between People who are more inactive in front of the TV in comparison to people who are more likely to be active when they are watching TV, for instance, walking room to room, doing some exercises or any types of physical activities. Another important thing to consider is the harm television has for younger children, Research shows us that children who are spending lots of time in front of the TV or any other kind of media, such as their tablets, video games, mobile phones, etc., are more likely to treat their peers with rudeness and mean behaviors. This is because more than 61 % of TV programs contain violence and sexual images, which affect their brain growth in the long term. There are a lot of negative points to watching TV, people, especially parents, should know about them because this habit has long term health risks for everyone.

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