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The Use of Centrifuges And It's Contribution to Circular Motion ( Chapter 3 - SPH4U )

Hello everyone just letting you know that this is my first time doing a blog post about one of my subjects that I am currently studying. I hope you will learn some interesting things about my topic of choice that is related to physics.

Anyways today I will be going over my topic that is stated in the title which is: The Use of Centrifuges and how it contributes to the idea of Circular Motion which is talked about mostly in section 3.4 of the Nelson textbook. Firstly what are Centrifuges you may ask?. Well a definition is that a Centrifuge is a rapidly rotating device used to separate substances and to stimulate the effects of gravity. Now what is the leading cause for this to happen? well the answer to that is the force of gravity, fictitious forces, Centripetal acceleration , Centripetal Force and Centrifugal Forces that all come into play and they're factors and effects help to make a object to rapidly or constantly rotate in a circle which is what a Centrifuge is intended to do to serve its purpose in the real world contributions and technology.

The important force that we are dependent on and experience commonly the most in our day to day lives is the force of gravity that is relatively existed on our planet of earth. What's the main reason of having gravity and it's benefits in our solar system and how does that contribute to the movements of objects in circular motion. Well objects like the planets, rock materials ( such as asteroids) and manmade devices and technology are all dependent on gravity. This kind of gravity is called microgravity. In space there is a small amount of gravity because if we didn't have gravity all the things in space would come in contact and collide with one another. Since there is a small measurement of gravity in space this helps for the planets to orbit around each other where the sun and moon are able to orbit and keep its position in place and move circularly around the sun. This makes the benefit of how people get hot and cold temperatures and have also a good night sleep at some periods of time. Also some quick brief info is that The force of gravity acting on any object is due strictly to the other masses in the space around it. On earth, the gravity we experience is mainly due to Earth itself because of its large mass and the fact that we're on it. Coming back to the main topic of Centrifuges is that since there is no device that can make or change gravity. The question will be how can we be able to restore it and stimulate it. The answer to that question is uniform circular motion. Incorporating the principles of uniform circular motion in technology has led to advances in many fields, including medicine, industry, and the space program.

For example, while in training, astronauts from NASA and jet pilots lie in the compartment

at the end of a large centrifuge. The arm of the centrifuge in spins around the center, and the astronauts and pilots experience large forces that feel like a larger force of gravity

pulling on them. Experiencing such forces allows us to better understand how the

human body reacts during launches and in space and the motion of circular motion in action using the device called the Centrifuge.

Another example of Centrifuges that are used in our society and a force that contributes to the motion of it to work and make the process complete is similarly the same to the Centripetal Force but is being rotated fast in a circle instead of being pulled to the center by the effects of the gravity and making itself change direction which therefore the change in velocity is acceleration. This Force is called the Centrifugal Force. To be clear the Centrifugal Force is the fictitious force in a rotating ( accelerating or non inertial ) frame of reference. Centrifuges are frequently used in medical laboratories to separate blood samples. The centrifuge rotates the test tubes containing blood samples at high speeds. Red blood cells are the densest components of blood. If the red blood cells are near the top of a test tube as the centrifuge starts spinning, centrifugal force will move the cells toward the bottom of the tube. The red blood cells settle on the bottom due to the spinning motion of the centrifuge. In another explanation A centrifuge rotates at an extremely high rate, producing a large centripetal acceleration for the contents

of the test tubes. As a result, the higher density cells move to the outer end of the tube and separate.

in Conclusion those are some of the things to know about for the first time about learning what Centrifuges are and how they are contributed to the circular motion and some cool facts and some ways that they can be used by humans in order to test and train for research and implement for work purposes that can be beneficial for human studies and improvement in technology.

Images that Illustrate The Idea of Centrifuges in Circular Motion

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