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Since the beginning of the business world, people have tried to improve their businesses and their facilities. As it was in history, businesses do their best to upgrade their circumstances nowadays as well. In order to achieve this goal, they focus on several topics. Keeping financial score, setting goals, finding best practices, and monitoring trends all were able to help them. However, having a grand perspective and knowing how to satisfy the customers and employees have the biggest role in making a business, healthier, and productive place to work. That’s why companies should focus on making changes on communication, dealing with stress, conflict management and motivation. Each of them has significance in order to enhance a firm.

Communication is very essential for a business environment. Having healthy communication may solve a lot of problems. For me, the key for having healthy communication is active listening. Active listening may be difficult sometimes but it can be improved. I believe that if a business states that the employees will not have distracting materials in a meeting or while working with the co-workers, the business may have a healthier environment. This may be seen as silly but it may actually work. For example, I get uncomfortable when someone pretends as if he is listening to me but actually he does not. People may pretend like they are listening to each other while dealing with distracting materials such as the telephone, or they may not focus on what the speaker says. These situations damage communication. If we eliminate those factors during a meeting or group working time,(I am not saying always, I am just saying while communicating with others) the healthy communication increases.

Stress is the biggest problem while working for me. I can feel stressed and panicked easily. That’s why, I know how it can affect my work in a bad way. I go to a psychological counselor biweekly in my daily life in order to reduce my stress, and it actually works. A 2012 study that looked at the outcome of over 28,000 clients who participated in counseling through their workplace showed that 70 percent experienced improvement and reduced stress after their counseling services. Nowadays there are companies who use psychologists. From my perspective, this type of companies should be increased. If I were a boss, I would want my employees to go to the psychological counselor of the company once every two weeks. This is a simple but very effective method (I know this from my experience). It seems to me that if a person is not mentally healthy, that person cannot do his work as it should be . That’s why I care about mental health a lot, maybe more than physical health.

Conflict management is very essential for a business. There are conflicts everywhere, especially in the business environment. People may have disputes with each other. That’s why the role of a leader is very important here. A good leader in today’s world should have the skill of mediation. This skill can be improved by special training and practice. Thus, having conferences regarding conflict management may be very useful. I believe if the companies make conferences regarding that, the disputes will occur less often and be solved more easily. The techniques to tackle a conflict should be presented in the seminar. Also the conflict management styles must be covered among the conference. Leaders may improve themselves and the team members by arranging conferences regarding conflict management and mediation.

Motivation is necessary for every person to work or study eagerly. Having a powerful motivation may help so many people to overcome challenges. In order to increase the motivation of an employee there are some methods to take as well as the necessity of elimination of some methods. In the business world , equity theory is used by lots of companies such as Hallmark. This theory proposes that people value fair treatment, which motivates them to maintain a similar standard of fairness with their coworkers and the organization. Accordingly, equity structure in the workplace is based on the ratio of inputs to outcomes. Basically, people who work harder and smarter get extra money, praise and recognition. In my view, it is a good method. For example, my dad has a dental clinic. He gives the dentists extra money per patient. This motivates the employees. However, I don’t believe that electing the employee of the month is a good way to motivate. It causes rivalry within the workplace which may lead to conflicts. It also causes employees to compare themselves with others; whereas, giving extra money helps employees to improve themselves by comparing themselves with themselves. Therefore, the businesses should encourage all the workers with bonuses rather than electing the employee of the month.

In this day and age, many companies are planning to make their companies a preferable place. In order to do that they try new styles, changes, and methods. The topic that is chosen is as important as the change or improvement since the topic along with the changes should please both the employees and customers. Having healthy communication, reducing stress, learning conflict management styles, and increasing motivation are the topics of top changes that should be made. Having a rule of not paying attention to any distracting material may provide a healthy communication. Having a psychologist for the firm may help employees to reduce their stress and therefore work more efficiently. Learning methods to tackle a problem in a business may be a life saver. Giving bonuses to each employee according to the work they do instead of choosing an employee of the month and giving the whole money to him as a reward is a better way to motivate employees. In today’s world, along with these little, cheap but effective changes companies may have the best environment to work in.

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