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Toronto's Population Growth in Ten years!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Toronto’s population is rapidly growing with more and more immigrants moving into the city, but have you ever wondered what the population would be like in 10 years time? After finding that Toronto’s current population as of 2022 is 2.7 million people, I also found that we grow on average at 4.5% per year (from 2011-2016). This means Toronto’s population grows at roughly 121,000 per year and after ten years that is 1.2 million people more than 2022. Furthermore the population of Toronto in ten years could be 3.9 million within the next ten years. That's begging to ask the question what traffic could be like, or how will the public transportation be affected. This means that Toronto will have a massive population growth by 2032.

Adding to that Toronto's population rising will result in a increase of traffic in the downtown core where there are millions of people walking around. Now you may ask what does this have to do with the population growth? Well it actually is a safety issue as more cars and more people can lead to accidents that we do not want to happen. So the city of Toronto has chosen to build 150 more pedestrian crossings so that there aren't so many deaths relating to the 1.2 million person increase in the city. These pedestrian crossings will allow the new population to safely cross the street leading to less deaths revolving around cars hitting people. In conclusion our population will go up by 1.2 million people in ten years and the city of Toronto is planning to help this situation of reducing car related deaths.,before%20vehicles%20are%20permitted%20to%20enter%20the%20intersection.

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