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Trigonometric knowledge in everyday life

1) Architecture and Engineering:

Architecture and engineering rely heavily on triangular supports.

For example, an engineer calculates the correct angles using trigonometry to determine the length of cables, the height of support towers, and the angle between the two to gauge weight loads and bridge strength.

2) Marine engineering:

In marine engineering, trigonometry is used to build and navigate marine vessels. To be more specific trigonometry is used to design the Marine ramp.

3) Music Theory and Production

In musical theory and production, trigonometry plays an important role. Sound waves travel in a repeating wave pattern. This can be demonstrated graphically by sine and cosine functions. A single note can be modeled on a sine curve, and a chord can be modeled with multiple sine curves used in conjunction with one another. Computers can use such graphical representations of music to create and understand sounds. Sound engineers can use this representation to visualize sound waves to adjust the volume and to create the desired sound effects.


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