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What do you know about DNA?

In Biology 12, in unit three, I learned about DNA. One of the greatest scientific achievements of mankind is the identification and discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule, because before this discovery, there was no knowledge about how to inherit genetic information. The first person to use the name nucleic acids for a DNA molecule was a Swiss scientist named Friedrich Miescher. But he was not the only one who helped the world of science to understand the DNA molecule. In the meantime, many scientists have identified different parts of this complex building through different studies. Finally, in 1953, with the help of studies by former scientists, two English researchers, James Watson and Francis Crick at the University of Cambridge in London, were able to introduce the current model of DNA to the world. Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) is a compound chemical name that contains all the genetic information and hereditary characteristics of living organisms. The molecule has two very long strands that spiral together to form a "Double-Helix'' structure. DNA is found in all cells of living organisms and is passed from parent cells to offspring. DNA carries all the genetic code and information of animals, plants and even viruses, which is vital for the growth, evolution, survival, reproduction and other functions of organisms. The DNA locus of various animal cells is the nucleus of the cell, which is known as the center for sending instructions for making proteins and types of RNAs in living organisms. This molecule is called DNA because of its structure and components. “DNA Function & Structure (with Diagram) (Article).” Khan Academy, Khan Academy,

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