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What Does Success Mean to Me?

In my opinion, success is a satisfactory achievement of a goal that I value and that requires effort. For example, I don't consider inheriting your parents' heritage and becoming a financially powerful person as a success. Usually, the biggest effort in inheriting fortune is signing papers. That's why considering an effortless act as success is not rational, even if it is reaching such purchasing power that can buy the Statue of Liberty. Also, if I become one of the world's best football players, I don't consider it a success either. Since football is a sport that I don't like, I would probably change my career path at the first chance I get. If we call something not valuable to us, then the word of success becomes not valuable either. My society and culture don't agree with me, unfortunately. For instance, when they see a popular person, they are treating them differently thinking they achieved a respectable success, regardless of the effort that person spent. Furthermore, people are considering anything society applauds as success, whether they value it or not. In short, I think success requires effort and being valued by the person, even if society and culture oppose this idea.

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