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What does success mean to you?

Success for me is being happy when you set yourself a specific goal and achieve it because you can't be happy if you don't do it for yourself. For example, if your family sets a goal for you and forces you to achieve it, you will not feel happy when you reach that goal because you fulfill someone else's concept of success. Success is subjective and leads to happiness when it remains subjective. If a question comes to a person, "Are you successful?" If the question can be said subjectively "I am successful", it is a success. If success comes into society, it becomes a more complex role because society determines whether you are successful or not, and as a result, the role of feeling happy disappears. The feeling of being happy disappears because although a certain part of society sees you as successful, there will be a section that does not find you successful. As a result, if a person accepts his/her success according to society, he/she will not be happy and will feel himself/herself unsuccessful. Therefore, the person should consider himself/herself not according to society's view of success, but to think of his/her own sense of achievement and be happy accordingly.

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